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Who we are

Funded in 2005 BABY ON BOARD® is a multinational companie that rents baby and child seats in B2B to all Car rental companies across Europe and Brasil.

What we do

We just Rent Baby seats! This is our core business, we plan, store, manage, clean and do all logistics to the Car rental industry in the most busy airports, we work to increase both customer satisfaction and profit to car rental companies. With BABY ON BOARD management Car rental companies can focus their attention to their core (rent-a- car) since we manage all baby seats SLA’s with one aim; maximum customer satisfaction and maximum customer security.

Our mission

Provide an outsanding Rental service and assure with the best products the maximum security to all baby and children that travel with our baby seats.

Our Vision

Increase Car Rental Companies profit lines by renting and managing baby seats with most professionalism and competence.


2005 – Foundation in Portugal

2007 – Expansion to UK

2009 – Expansion to Irland

2010 – Expansion to Spain

2012 – Expansion to France

2014 – Expansion to Brasil

Baby car seat

Our Child Car Seats

According the law in each Country BABY ON BOARD® rent’s all range of Child car seats (groups). Since our foundation we work and recommend Chicco baby seats.

How to choose the rigth Child car seats?

The choice of a car seat must always be evaluated on the basis of the child’s weight. Most European norms and regulations subdivide children’s weight in “Mass Groups”, which are weight groups according to which child car seats are classified. Each child car seat is designed, homologated and produced in accordance with this reference parameter.

What you never should do: Children must never be held in the arms of an adult. Always fasten the child with an appropriate restraint system. Never use second-hand child car seats. Never modify the product, add components or install accessories and/or parts not approved by the manufacturer. Avoid giving food to your child while travelling, in particular lollipops, ice lollies or other foods on sticks: it may injure your child in the event of an accident or sudden braking. Never leave the child unattended in the car. Never leave unsecured objects or luggage on the rear shelf. In the event of an accident or sudden braking they may injure the passengers.

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    Group 0+

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    Group 1

  • Baby car seat group 2

    Group 2

  • Baby car seat group 3

    Group 3

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Where we Are

Were He Are Spain Portugal Brasil


Our Customers

  • Rent a Car Europcar
  • Rent a Car Avis
  • Rent a Car Firefly
  • Rent a Car Guerin
  • Rent a Car Hertz
  • Rent a Car Interrent
  • Rent a Car Sixt
  • Rent a Car EnterPrise
  • Rent a Car Unidas
  • Rent a Car Localiza

social responsability

BABY ON BOARD® supports Savekidslives organization which is dedicated exclusively to reduce 50% child deaths by 2020. We donate our end-of- life equipment to charities so that they can reach out to those who need it most and can't afford it, contributing to safety for those who can not afford to buy equipment.


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